Front of House Lead at Chick-fil-A Cottonwood

Albuquerque, NM

The Shift Lead role is one that embodies character, chemistry and competency. They should never be threatened by the success of another, but celebrate with them. They must have integrity, a deep desire to do what is right versus “being right” to build a strong and healthy organization. The shift lead must maintain chemistry with the team where they create a fun and loving environment for talent to be nurtured. However, if harmony is disrupted the Shift Lead must restore it. The Shift Lead is competent in the realm of operations. They are knowledgeable, creative, organized, and proficient of the Chick-fil-A Business. A Shift Lead must always be growing themselves and others around them. Developing their talents in the business as well as their leadership capacity. A Shift Lead is always professional, mature, positive, growth minded, and poised. They must always be a humble servant leader, willing to share success, receive and give feedback. They are confident enough to coach and build those around them.

Responsibilities include:

Daily Operations

o   Cash Management and flow during day part

o   Manage Labor Cost Efficiency

o   Lead Opening/Closing Procedures- with Productivity and through Example

o   Ensuring completion of daily and weekly checklists

#1 responsibility of a Shift Lead is to develop the Team

o   Regular meetings with Team Leaders

o   Focus on Coaching towards all goals on their respected shifts

o   Proactively check behind team members for proper execution of their role.

o   Leading their team to deliver a remarkable guest experience during their shifts

Develop self

o   Practice thinking like a Director for ways to improve.

o   Mandatory participation in the weekly Leadership meetings and training.

o   Certify in areas of Pathways to ensure team is completing tasks the Chick-fil-A way